Her Diet

The diet journey becomes my personal challenge. I gained 20kg (44lb) during my menopause and 10kg (22lb) when my mom passed away.

In the past 10 years. I had tried so many different diets available inclusive lippo suction. The result was not successful. My knee and lower back hurt because my bone structure was not designed for my weight.

With my 60th birthday around the corner, I decide to give a birthday present for myself ... to be healthy.

So here are the steps I take.

First: Put myself on the line - I told my friends, relative and clients that I am going to lose weight. It will be so embarassing isn't if I don't keep my words?

Second: Have a clear goal - I bought two blouses and two swimsuits in two different sizes: the current and the desired body.

blouse blouse

Third: Have a support group - I ask two of my cousins who want to lose weight to be my group. We are accountable to each other and must report the scale on weekly basis.

Fourth: Choose a successful method - I must choose a diet program that works. It must be a permanent solution. I can't be living in yo-yo weight.

Here is my weight reduction progress: